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Frequently Asked Questions

How is ServeWell different than a home care agency?

We have hundreds of credentialed caregivers (CNAs) in our network. We help families find the right caregiver for their needs and then use technology and care managers to assist them in working together. Because we have eliminated many of the administrative inefficiencies burdening agencies we are more affordable.

Are caregivers background checked?

Yes, before a caregiver can work with you, they must pass a background check. Additionally, we ensure that their WA State credentials are current. References are also made available upon request.

Our background checks include: social security number trace, county criminal court search, national criminal database search, federal criminal court search, wants & warrants search, sex offender registry search, and the terrorist watch list search. And, unlike many other companies that provide for background checks, we search for records over multiple counties for additional protection. (Updated 9/30/2019)

How are household employment taxes handled?

ServeWell has made the process simple. Taxes are included in your hourly shift rate and paid on your behalf, unless you “opt-out” of our service and pay any taxes due on your own, in which case taxes will not be included.

Does ServeWell have transportation services?

Yes, transportation can be provided in one of two ways. Your caregiver can escort you using our “rideshare” partner. Or, upon their discretion they may use their automobile for transportation. All caregivers can run errands for you using their car.

Will the same caregiver be helping me during each visit?

Yes, your selected caregiver works for you. However, if they are temporarily unable to work due to illness or other reasons, your Care Manager can assist you in finding a replacement.

Can I select my own caregiver?

Yes, you can select the caregiver that you feel is the best match for you! Our experience tells us they will become one of your best friends!

Do you support short shifts?

Yes, we have caregivers who will work short shifts (2 hours per visit min), however the hourly rate for longer shifts is typically more economical.

Do you have Live-In caregivers available?

Yes, please see our live-in caregiver page for more details.