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Dan, a 30 year industry veteran and leader in assisted living, had implemented many innovative services and programs that enriched and simplified the lives of his residents. In particular, he created a lifestyle for his residents that focused on keeping them active, and provided a comprehensive “all inclusive” concierge type service. Dan wanted to provide a similar experience for his mom with everything she needed in order to safely remain in her home. Unfortunately, the agencies he found only performed the traditional services such as personal hygiene and meal preparation, but were unable to provide transportation, home maintenance and most importantly, the level of companionship and socialization that he had established in his assisted living communities.

Rodney had decades of experience working in the technology industry. His passion and interests were in using technology to help family members stay informed about the care that their parents were receiving from caregivers. In 2011, his father who was living in Boston, had suffered a stroke and needed to be cared for at home. However, Rodney quickly realized that despite having a conscientious caregiver for his dad, it was very difficult to stay informed about whether the caregiver had arrived at his dad’s home or about many of the other activities related to the quality of care that his dad was receiving.

Thus, ServeWell was created to provide families with a combination of easy-to- use technology and genuine human care and compassion. Families can review the biographical profiles of multiple potential caregivers and select the one that best suits their needs. Additionally, each caregiver is provided with the tools to enable them to regularly communicate with families through their smartphones.

In addition to providing home care, ServeWell’s mission is to provide a complete experience for their clients. Your loved ones get “core” care services such as help with dressing, meal preparation, companionship and physical assistance. But we also look to enrich lives by satisfying people’s socialization needs by providing additional activities that are meaningful to the senior, such as trips to the theater, connecting with other seniors or activities that they enjoy doing at home. ServeWell also understands that to stay at home, certain maintenance is required, so our team is set up to help find solutions for transportation, repairs or whatever is needed for the client to stay at home safely and happily.